Ryan McGuire is a skilled filmmaker who brings both technical expertise and compassion to his work. With a Master of Arts in Filmmaking from the London Film School, Ryan has a deep understanding of the film production process from script to screen. He has experience with high-resolution and remote workflows, and he’s proficient in a variety of editing software.

Ryan’s collaborative approach to filmmaking allows him to work closely with other members of the production team, providing ideas and notes that help mitigate any issues that might arise. He is passionate about using film to make a positive impact on society and is always looking for projects that will feed his creativity and contribute to the greater good.

Whether he’s working on a narrative film or a corporate video, Ryan approaches each project with compassion and a commitment to excellence. He knows that film has the power to connect people, inspire change, and tell powerful stories, and he uses his technical skills to help bring those stories to life.

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