At the London Film School, where I studied for my Master of Arts, I was given an introduction to Filmmaking. From Script to Screen as they would say. We learned the essentials to all production, from the importance of pre and how to “fix it in post”.  So I have a great overview of the entire production pipeline even though I primarily work in Post these days.

I shot my first film on 35mm film and had the distinct privilege to make an offline cut in Avid and make the final cut on Steinbeck using bins and cellar tape! Not a necessary step in modern film making but still the process has some translation when considering high resolution and remote workflows (both of which I have experience in)

I truly love the collaborative nature of film making of any kind, whether it’s narrative or documentary, corporate or social each project brings about unique challenges that I love to get involved in. As an editor with considerable experience in the field I jump in as early as possible in the process. I like to study the story boards and script and pass along ideas or notes to the production team when it’s appropriate. In this way I can help to mitigate any issues I that might be coming my way from as early as the Pre Production stage.

Currently I’m fielding freelance and contract work. I have a personal goal to work on projects that will feed my creativity and in some way help humanity as a whole. Most recently I worked with Calm in their venture into film and I both assisted and edited pieces for their Daily series. The work was nourishing to me in the sense that it would help people feeling isolated in the wake of the pandemic.

All that being said, I’m not opposed to cutting an action sequence or some comedy.

Want to work with me? Lovely!

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